Halifax – Nova‍‍‍ Scotia  – Since 2001

Show Tips

10‍‍‍' x 20'

(Custom Signage Included)

10 x 20 Alpha

Rental Price - $1,110

Rental Pricing ‍‍‍- I&D Included within Halifax Municipality

10 x 20‍‍‍ Bravo

‍‍‍Rental Price - $1,050‍‍‍

Rental Price - $1,320

(Plants‍‍‍, TV, & laptops extra)

(Plants, coffee makers, & chairs extra)

10 x 20 Delta‍‍‍

Rental Price - $1,275‍‍‍

(Plants, TV, a‍‍‍nd laptops extra)‍‍‍

Rental Price - $2,190‍‍‍‍‍‍

(Plants, TVs, and laptops extra)‍‍‍

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(Plants, chairs, table, TV, & laptop extra)

10' x 10'

‍‍‍(Custom Signage Included)

10 x 10 Alpha‍‍‍‍‍‍

Rental Price - $675

Rental Pricing - I&D In‍‍‍cluded within Halifax Municipality

10 x 10 Bravo‍‍‍

Rental ‍‍‍Price - $675‍‍‍

10 x 10 Char‍‍‍lie

Rental Price ‍‍‍ - $695

(Plants, chairs, and la‍‍‍ptop extra)‍‍‍

(Plants, chairs, and laptop extra)

10 x 10‍‍‍ Delta

Rental Price - $8‍‍‍75

(Plants, chai‍‍‍rs, and table extra)

‍‍‍ 10 x 10‍‍‍ Echo

Rental ‍‍‍Price - $875

‍‍‍(Plants, chairs, and table extra)

10 x 10 Foxtrot

Rental Price - $970‍‍‍

(Plants and chairs extra)

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The GO-System is an excellent BOOTH RENTAL choice that offers versatility second to none. The flexibility of this rental system allows us to customize a rental booth for each client and each show!

Panels can be assembled in many different configurations - signage panels‍‍‍, slat wall panels, door panels, and window panels, can all be interchanged to design a booth that works for the client. Counter systems can be used as TV stands, work areas, storage, or display cases.

The system is literally like a big LEGO set!

- Pan‍‍‍el Booth System

We have 10x10,  10x20,  20x20 , and custom sizes availa‍‍‍ble for rental. Below are some pre-designed rental kits to give an idea of what is possible with the GO-System.



Each of these examples can be altered to accommodate a client's specific needs. Also, we can start from scratch and design a completely customized set-up at no additional cost.


NOTE: All rental panels are black with wood- coloured or white counters . Signage included in pricing.

‍‍‍Halifax – Nova Scotia  – Since 2001‍‍‍

Example 10' x 20'‍‍‍ GO-System Rental Booth

10 x 20 Echo