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Let us take care of making sure your booth is set-up and ready for your next show. Arrive at your next event refreshed and without having to worry about getting the booth ready. Whether you own the booth or are renting, have FOCAL POINT do the install & dismantle, hang signage and banners, install electronics, lay out brochures, etc…

Let us take care of the unavoidable running around required to get ready for your event/show. Whether you need your booth delivered, brochures picked up from the printers, or bottled water purchased to have in your booth, we can handle many of the tasks on your trade show “TO DO” list.


I&D (Inst‍‍‍all & Dismantle)

Transport‍‍‍ & Sourcing‍‍‍

Don't have space to store your booth at the office? Let us take care of making sure your booth is stored in a environmentally controlled and secure environment ready to go at a moment's notice.


We can supply trained promotional and sales teams to attend trade shows and special events on your company's behalf. Let our high energy, personable, and motivated team members promote and sell your ideas and/or products. If needed, we can design, transport, set-up, and staff your onsite presence across the country and into the United States. A TURNKEY solution which many clients find extremely convenient and cost effective.

Staffing & Promoting‍‍‍‍‍‍