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‍‍‍Halifax – Nova Scotia  – Since 2001‍‍‍

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Panoramic h-line is a modular trade show display system which allows you to easily create a custom booth using pre-assembled modules.

With its full surface area completely dedicated to the graphic image, the h-line creates unparalleled visual impact while also providing a complete assortment of useful functionalities.

Panoramic h-line is a perfect solution for those who would like a booth that is both modular and flexible.


Choose a pre-designed system below, or have us create a custom design‍‍‍ that better fits your n‍‍‍ee‍‍‍ds (no additional cost).

Pre-Des‍‍‍igned Rental Booths

Each design below comes with a complete custom graphics kit. A full graphics template will be su‍‍‍pplied to your graphic designer. At an additional cost, we can manage the graphic design work for you.


- Dye-sublimation fabric graphics are yours to keep for future rentals

- Set-up and dismantle within the Halifax Regional Municipality is included in the rental price

- Shipping to and from our production facility in Montreal is extra

- Furniture, printed carpet, and electronics not included


h10-03 - Rental $4,‍‍‍473

h10-04 - Rental $4,858

h20-12 - Rental $6,‍‍‍984

h20-08 - Rental $8,542

h20-23 - Rental $7,028

h20-2‍‍‍4 - Rental $12,827

h20-‍‍‍25 - R‍‍‍ental $10,211‍‍‍

h20-26‍‍‍ - Rental $9,608


h20-‍‍‍27 - R‍‍‍ental $8,597‍‍‍

h20-10 - Rental $14,831