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Simplest portable solution for any message.

Formulate® Fabric Island Kits

Combines organic and architectural shapes for eye-popping designs!

Formulate® Island Exhibits combine organic and architectural shapes that elevate and accentuate a message and brand to stand out in any trade show or event environment. Fabric combines with form and function, creating organic and unique architectural structures that come with state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase fabric graphics.

With 20ft x 20ft and 20ft x 30ft off-the-shelf options to choose from, there is a solution that will help to create a dynamic, unique and functional island booth for any trade show or event.

All Formulate® exhibits and graphics are made in the USA.

20x20 Kit.05


Cone Tower - 81"H x 202"dia.

Support beams - 18'H

Counter - 79.89"W x 40.5"H x 31.12"D

Wooden crate - 101"L x 53"H x 49"D

Weight with crate - 980 lbs

This 18' tall fabric covered tower centerpiece features a 7' diameter cone and three curved architectural support beams. You can easily incorporate monitors and AV into the support structures to add multimedia messaging.

The reception counter features a white laminate base and printed slat accents, as well as abundant lockable storage.

Easily incorporate monitors and AV into the support structures to add multimedia. Laminate counter with UV printed slat walls provides a welcoming reception area and lockable storage. 3 large monitor mounts, can hold monitor 26-40" / max weight is 75 lbs each. Internal LED lights are not included, but can be purchased a la carte

Structures: $48,242 MSRP

Graphics: $6,372 MSRP

20x20 Kit.06


Tower: 303"W x 144"H x 42.87"D

Chip-wall: 111"W x 96"H x 61.89"D

Counter: 47.25"W x 38"H x 23.75"D

Wooden crate - 101"L x 53"H x 49"D

Weight with crate - 1,238 lbs

An airy floor plan encourages maximum traffic flow into this 20' x 20' island exhibit! Features structures that combine the latest developments in fabric printed technology with heavy-duty aluminum frames to create a space that fosters great traffic flow and conversation areas.

The 12' tall center fabric tower is connected to two 9' tall fabric towers via exposed aluminum tube. Oval-shaped sintra panels are located on front and back sides of the aluminum tubes providing four messaging and branding areas.

An oval-shaped fabric reception counter provides a fashionable, yet functional greeting area. Additionally, an 8' tall "potato chip" shaped, curved fabric wall creates a semi-private conference/meeting area or projection wall within the space.

Five monitor mounts are included. Internal LED light kits are not included, but can be purchased a la carte to add a glow within the three tower structures.

Structures: $34,641 MSRP

Graphics: $4,732 MSRP

20x20 Kit.07


Arches - 16'W x 12.5'H

Wooden crate - 101"L x 53"H x 49"D

Weight with crate - 1,487 lbs

This organically-shaped, eye-catching structure allows for ample floor space for traffic flow, product demonstrations and engaging meetings.

The 12.5' tall, 16' wide curved fabric arches provide areas within the space for shelving to display merchandise and products, as well as two areas for TVs to display digital media.

One centrally-located fabric structure sits slightly underneath and in the middle of the two main arches, providing additional real estate for messaging and branding. Two canopy-like accent fabric structures connect the arches and are perfect areas for your company logo. Display shelves and monitors mounts are included; medium monitor mounts hold 40-50" TVs up to 50 lbs.

Structures: $29,341 MSRP

Graphics: $9,314 MSRP

20x20 Kit.08


Arch - 27'3"W x 15'8"H

Wooden crate - 101"L x 53"H x 49"D

OCH case - 18"L x 40" - 66"H x 18"D

Weight w/ crate & case - 1,584 lbs

Kit 08 provides ample floor space for traffic flow, product demonstrations and semi-private meetings. The main arch structure is 15' 8" tall and has a footprint that spans 27' 3", which requires that it is placed in a 20' x 20' exhibit space on a diagonal.

Two oval-shaped accents mounted on the sides of the arch provide areas for company branding and messaging. Two structural accent displays are placed on the inside of the archway anchors, each featuring three 29.5" illuminated squares that can be used to feature product or service images, taglines, branding and more.

These displays stand 105" tall and are 42" wide. Host meetings in the semi-private conference room, which can fit a 36" diameter bistro style table four chairs or stools. The oval fabric counter can be used for reception and storage.

Structures: $33,026 MSRP

Graphics: $14,020 MSRP

20x20 Kit.09


Arch - 27'3"W x 15'8"H

Wooden crate - 102"L x 53"H x 48"D

Wooden crate - 101"L x 53"H x 31"D

Weight with crates - 1,156 lbs

Standing 14' tall and over 10' wide, the L-shaped exhibit structure features a rooftop that extends 18' into the exhibit space! This main structure is comprised of an aluminum tube frame, coupled with pillowcase fabric graphics. This main fabric structure is structurally supported by a freestanding laminated counter that is 7' 10.5" wide by 3' h by 2.5' deep, providing plentiful secure storage and countertop space.

Two structural walls are positioned at 45 degree angles in the space and stand 11' tall by 5' wide, with a depth of 1.5'.

The rectangular structures combine heavy duty aluminum extrusion frames with push-fit fabric graphics, which are designed for bold, vibrant graphics and messaging!

A freestanding laminated reception counter establishes the area for exhibit staff to meet and greet guests.

Structures: $41,818 MSRP

Graphics: $8,413 MSRP

20x20 Kit.10


Towers - 10'H x 5'W wide towers

Hanging Sign - 16' square

Wooden crate - 101"L x 53"H x 49"D

Wooden crate - 90"L x 36"H x 30"D

Weight with crates - 1,544 lbs

Kit 10 combines a variety of off-the-shelf Formulate fabric structures to create a dynamic and charming exhibit!

Hanging above is a rounded-corner 16' square hanging structure, designed to proclaim your brand and help visitors find you in a crowded exhibit hall. Four 10' tall, 5' wide towers anchor each corner and are intended to help draw traffic inside the booth and engage passersby with multimedia messaging.

Each tubular fabric tower features two 40"-50" medium monitors to display digital media. A chip-shaped fabric wall sits near the center of the floor space, providing a semi-private meeting space that fits a small bistro-style table and three chairs or stools.

A freestanding pillar-shaped fabric counter serves as an area for conversation and reception.

Structures: $25,074 MSRP

Graphics: $13,489 MSRP