Halifax – Nova‍‍‍ Scotia  – Since 2001

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FOCAL POINT started in Halifax, N‍‍‍S as a booth design and set-up business in 2001. Since its conception, FOCAL POINT has evolved into a full-service events business now offering a wide range of products and services to help clients define and achieve their goals and objectives for each event.

With a network of dedicated associates and an extensive product line, FOCAL POINT works with each client to construct a customized booth design and to help plan and leverage each event.

Sin‍‍‍gle Point of Contact

Generally, there are many items for a client to consider when deciding to participate in a trade show, conference, or special event. There are countless contacts to deal with such as graphic designers, printers, equipment rental companies (audiovisual, PC, tents, etc), promotional item suppliers, show organizers, booth install and dismantle companies, and the list goes on. This is where FOCAL POINT can help. We take care of each aspect of the planning and execution stages while you, the client, simply deal with a single POINT of contact…simple and effective.

Halifax – Nova Scotia  – Since 2001