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Local Halifax, NS artist Chalkmaster Dave has partnered with FOCAL POINT to offer stunning, large-scale dye-sublimation fabric prints of his original artwork!

FOCAL ‍‍‍ POINT DISPLAYS LTD Halifax - Nova Scotia

(902) 499-1558 – Email


The traditional way of ordering paper prints and having to find a frame that fits, and actually looks good, are a thing of the past!

Purple Horse (008)

Soldier (001)

Leonard Cohen (002)

Splart Horse (003)

Elephant (004)

My Space (006)

Back of Lady Butterfly (007)

Firefighter (009)

Remember (010)

The Joker (011)

Elephant (012)

Rabbit Time (013)

Splart Boxer (014)

Black Horse (015)

Black Horse Jump (016)

Jack and Sally (017)

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Kurt Cobain (019)

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Prince (018)

Pibull (005)

R‍‍‍ollins (021)

The BOSS (020‍‍‍)

Tom Petty (022)

Bob Marley (023)

David Bowie(024)